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13. Changelog

13.1 2024 June release (24.06)

  • The Compliance Document is the new name of the PRC specifications document, which in the previous version was named as Policy Rules Conformity Document (PRCD).
  • Removal of the “basic conformity” term and replacement with a new naming convention.
  • Update of the Gaia-X Trust Anchors chapter with the inclusion of the decision flowchart to determine which type of Trust Anchor must be defined for a given criteria objective and with the requirements for TSPs (Trust Service Providers).
  • Introduction of the new chapter “List of Gaia-X CAB” where all CABs, which are accredited to attest conformity against a permissible standard by the respective organizations body are listed.
  • Update of the chapter Gaia-X Compliance Criteria for Cloud Services, with the detail of the required evidence for the first two conformity assessment schemes - up to Label L1.
  • Update of the chapter “Proposed Compliance for Data Exchange Services” with the specification of the conformity assessment required for the different schemes.

13.2 2024 April release (24.04)

  • The PRCD is a combination of the previous Policy Rules and Labelling Document (PRLD) and Trust Framework, which are now obsolete.
  • New “Executive Summary” chapter.
  • New chapter on the Process description for how to become a Gaia-X conformant user.
  • New chapter on the Self-Declaration of Conformity.
  • Definition of Conformity and related criteria.
  • New criteria and attributes (mandatory and optional) on “Sustainability”.
  • New chapter on Proposed Data Exchange Criteria.
  • Update and refinement of Permissible and Example Standards for Gaia-X Labels.
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