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106. Point Of Reference Standards (PORS) - (in the context of the Policy Rules Conformity Docmument)

PORS shall provide a first impression on existing documents, i.e., standards, conformity assessment programmes, authorities’ guidelines, procurement guidelines, etc. Indicated PORS are neither a guarantee that Gaia-X criteria are fully met, nor that compliance with respectively implementation of such PORS will be required to meet a Gaia-X criterion. It is rather a point of reference to support identifying related processes.

Note: PORS will be added with minimum review. Once there is a minor relation this may suffice to add such standards as PORS. It is expected to review such standards in future iterations to upgrade such references to any more sophisticate type of reference. Likewise, a further review may result in a deletion of the reference, if the relation is considered too weak.

106.1 References