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77. Gaia-X Registry

The Gaia-X Registry is a public distributed, non-repudiable, immutable, permissionless database with a decentralised infrastructure and the capacity to automate code execution. The Ecosystems may want to have their own instance of a local Registry or equivalent. Technically, this component can be part of the ecosystem’s local Catalogues. The Gaia-X Registry is the backbone of the ecosystem governance, which stores information such as: - the list of the Trust Anchors – keyring. - the result of the Trust Anchors validation processes. - the potential revocation of Trust Anchors’s identity. - the vote and results of the Gaia-X Association roll call vote - the shapes and schemas for the Gaia-X VCs. - the URLs of Gaia-X Catalogue’s credentials. - the text of the Terms and Conditions for Gaia-X Conformity.

77.1 References